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Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon enjoy a sweet bicycle date for 'Doctor Stranger' | allkpop

The photos which were uploaded onto an online community site on the 27th show Jin Se Yeon holding on tight to the ever-so-handsome Lee. Sweet pictures of Jin Se Yeon and Lee Jong Suk have been revealed. The two actors are currently acting out a sad love story in the SBS drama. Recent still cuts from 'Doctor Stranger' left viewers not only anticipating the drama but also wanting to go out and get some sunshine like Lee.

Min Young who came to see Woo Bin is shocked to see Hyun-Min with whom she has history that ended pretty nasty. They we're dating, but when she found out that Hyun-Min is a "bad person", she escaped.

Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon enjoy a sweet bicycle date for 'Doctor Stranger'

Later she'll try to talk to him, but he would push her away. Maybe cause he really cares for her. So he decided to help her even if it means to go against Woo Bin. Ji Won misses Woo Bin a lot so she comes to him house and wants to talk, but when she walks in, she sees Se-Yeon and realize that she's there against her will.

Woo Bin doesn't need a witness so he tie Ji Won up and keeps her in another house. Woo Bin is pissed at Hyun-Min, so they and their gangster friends: D having a fight and Woo Bin stabs Hyun-Min with a knife. Later he find Se-Yeon and Jong Suk at the bring don't ask me what the hell they were doing here -- I don't know: Woo Bin pointing a gun at Jong Suk and shoots, but Se-Yeon saves the man she loves from a bullet and falls into the river.

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Min Young comes and saves Ji Won. She visits Hyun-Min, who thankfully survived, at the hospital and then leaves with Ji Won who forgave her. Woo Bin gets arrested and Hyun-Min visits him after his recovery, Hyun-Min tells Woo Bin that he doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Se-Yeon also survived and they were living happily ever after with Jong Suk.

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I had an idea to kill pretty much every character in this story, but I thought it was only because it was like 5 am and I didn't sleep at all, so I've decided to go for happy end for everyone instead.

Well, almost everyone My advice to you: The South Korean actor struggles for breath, he blubbers and his face - full lips stretched thin - is contorted with anguish. There's something babyish about him and yet he is an indisputable leading man. What he has in spades is romantic charisma, a combination of ferocity and tenderness that makes him compelling even when he is a show that isn't. That's Doctor Stranger, a Korean medical melodrama which needs Lee like it needs the kiss of life.

The show does get off to a rollicking start, shipping a heart surgeon off to Pyongyang to save president Kim Il Sung and preserve the delicate balance of power on the Korean peninsula. As the superhero origin story goes, the doctor is stranded in the North with his son Lee and raises him to be a surgical genius. There is nothing like being in a backward, blackout-prone country, evidently, when it comes to training a doctor to make X-ray-like diagnoses by touch.

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The show is entertaining in a facts- are-for-wimps way, but that's just the prologue. Then the son returns to the South to run a ramshackle clinic, after his father's death and his girlfriend's disappearance, and the K-drama system kicks in. Doctors discover the genius' talent after he stops at a hospital to help a friend deliver bottled water and happens to save a life.

He spots an anaesthetist Jin Se Yeon of 's Bridal Mask who looks exactly like his lost girlfriend and who might be a spy from the North. The wheels of the plot grind onwards, but the show has no strong convictions and doesn't seem to be about anything, deep down.