Jesse mccartney and emily osment dating

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jesse mccartney and emily osment dating

That Guy Who Asks You To Dinner On A First Date thinks it's so quaint and old- fashioned and cute! No. It's awkward and horrible and jumping. Emily Osment teases what's to come on season two of 'Young and Hungry Meanwhile, Cooper (Jesse McCartney) and Gabi will face a major. With Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, Jason Earles. Miley wishes Release Date: 13 July Jesse McCartney: Ready for our picnic on Papoui ?.

Gabi faces challenges both in and outside of the kitchen. She loves cooking and she can figure out what people like to eat. Her mother died while she was a teenager and she has been on her own ever since. Despite not having enough credentials for the job to be Josh's personal chef, Josh agrees to hire her if she can make a dinner for his girlfriend Caroline that will make her say yes to his marriage proposal.

After Caroline breaks up with Josh the same day, he feels distraught and he and Gabi have a one-night stand. They decide to keep it a secret, which causes her to have complicated romantic feelings for Josh.

jesse mccartney and emily osment dating

Gabi and Josh then have an on-again, off-again relationship throughout season 4 and 5 and even attempt a " friends with benefits " relationship using a punch cardbut she realizes she is in love with him. In the series finale, she is offered a job with in Seattle, she proposes marriage to Josh, asking him to join her. She is named after and inspired after San Francisco food blogger Gabi Moskowitz.

He is smart, charming, and sweet and goes with his gut feelings. He and Gabi have a drunken one-night standwhich he decides to keep secret in order to propose to his vain and materialistic girlfriend, Caroline. Nevertheless, he takes an immediate liking to Gabi, often giving her life advice and looking out for her as a protective figure. In the season 1 finale, he figures out he is in love with Gabi but does not tell her, making their friendship complicated.

Gabi and Josh then have an on-again, off-again relationship throughout season 4 and 5 when they try a "friends with benefits" relationship. However, they reunited after he gets his memories back after hearing their song " Closer ". In the series finale, he plans to propose marriage to her but after some mishaps with the ring, Gabi ends up proposing to him.

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Aimee Carrero as Sofia Rodriguez, Gabi's best friend and roommate. She is a strong-minded and career-driven young woman with a degree from University of Florida.

jesse mccartney and emily osment dating

Her job as an ambitious banking intern consists of fetching coffee for the clients at her firm. She fully supports Gabi, gives her advice, and often gives her pep talks about keeping her job. In season 4, she takes on various jobs, eventually landing a gig as an assistant for media executive Logan Rawlings. She continues to take on other jobs as a freelance writer and rideshareras well as unsuccessful dates. In season 5, after turning 25 years old, she meets an attractive guy in Mexico but gets into a relationship with a cocky lawyer named Nick.

Kym Whitley as Yolanda, Josh's housekeeper.

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She is very outspoken and says what is on her mind. She is a sassy, divorced, middle-aged, African-American mother-of-three, with a bit of an attitude, and was the first to find out about Gabi and Josh's hookup. She and Elliot frequently bicker. She moves into the apartment neighboring Gabi and Sofia's in season 2. She enjoys slacking off, eating and drinking. Rex Lee as Elliot Park, Josh's publicist and right-hand-man.

He is an openly gay Korean-American. He initially dislikes Gabi and is outspoken about the fact that he would much rather have a professional celebrity chef than Gabi.

jesse mccartney and emily osment dating

He frequently bickers with Yolanda, when it comes to her appearance or weight. He apologize that it's such a mess. Cooper that also said that he needs to apologize to her because he started to touch her last night.

jesse mccartney and emily osment dating

He showed her that he bought her a website BonGabetit. Then he went into the kitchen to drink some chocolate milk. He then said that he'll come to the dinner that Josh invited him.

In the evening Cooper came to Josh's apartment he first greeted Gabi nicely but then he saw Josh and he only said Josh. He told him that he thinks is very big of him that he invited him over to apologize. Then he asked him if he's not gonna apologize.

Then he asked Gabi if this whole thing was a set up. Cooper then apologize to Josh and Josh to Cooper. Then Cooper asked him if the job offer is still on the table. Josh told him that it is because he's gonna go with his gut. Cooper got happy and then Josh told him he always needs to go with his gut and then Cooper said that he's gonna go with his gut now and then he stands up and he asked Gabi on a date.

Cooper then left to go on the balcony because Josh told him to. Then he asked Gabi for a drink. After Josh and Gabi stopped arguing they forgot to open the door to Cooper where he was freezing. At Gabi's apartment Cooper came to have a date with Gabi.

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They started to talk awkward things about themselves so they would see they don't like each other. But on the end Cooper told Gabi that he still like her and then they kissed. The next day he came to Josh's apartment to talk to Gabi. They did talk but then they kissed. Gabi pulled him upstairs where they hid in the bathroom and they kissed again. When Gabi offered hamburgers Cooper was surprised how great Josh's life is. Cooper asked Gabi what is the secret ketchup and Gabi told him that it's bought in the store.

Then Cooper went with Gabi in the laundry room to get the stain off but then he saw what Gabi really stained his shirt it was because she wanted to make out. Cooper was happy about it and he also kissed Gabi.

jesse mccartney and emily osment dating

Before the left the laundry room he asked Gabi what should he do with the stain. And he asked her if he should take the shirt off.

When Gabi and Cooper came out the laundry room Josh heard them talking about Cooper coming to Gabi's place so he asked them why is he coming there and Cooper screamed and he got scared because Josh heard them. Then Cooper went along with Gabi's plan that he is dating Sofia. He was looking nervous.

Then he agreed to go on a dinner with Josh and Caroline along with Sofia. Hours later Cooper was with Gabi coming to her place. He was a bit nervous because he thought that Sofia would not want to go along the plan. So he asked Gabi if this will work. In the apartment Cooper once again told Gabi and Sofia that at first he thought it was a bad plan but now he thinks it's horrendous.