Him law and tavia yeung dating

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him law and tavia yeung dating

Oct 25, It's been 2 years of happy marriage for Tavia Yeung and Him Law. Find out exactly how they hooked up. Tavia Yeung dating history, , , list of Tavia Yeung relationships. Him Law and Tavia Yeung have been married for 2 years since 22nd Mar Tavia Yeung Raymond Lam Carina Zhang Him Law. Former TVB artists, Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Raymond Lam (林峯), and current TVB artist.

The couple appeared to be relaxed and comfortable when facing the media.

Tavia Yeung & Him Law secretly tied the knot!

Tavia revealed that she specifically requested for Him to drive her home as she had too many drinks at the dinner. I will not be able to drive when I drink. I hope that someone whom I trust will take me home. When I walked out, he already told me that there were suspicious paparazzi present.

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I do not like to be in the spotlight and do not like people to tail me. As he is someone that I trust, I slept on his lap at that moment.

him law and tavia yeung dating

There is absolutely no doubt about that, but the situation is not like what the fabricated news said. There is a need to explain why the photos came out this way. Tavia further explained that she and Him were getting to know each other and would inform the public if their relationship advanced to the next stage.

Why Him Law and Tavia Yeung’s relationship is rock solid

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  • Why Him Law and Tavia Yeung’s relationship is rock solid

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They didn't leave immediately, but instead waited 10 minutes before taking off. When Him drove into the city, he maintained a slow speed of 30km, but Tavia's head wasn't seen in the car anymore.

Who is Tavia Yeung dating? Tavia Yeung boyfriend, husband

Perhaps people may misunderstand because Tavia knew reporters were following, so she got out of the car and left. However, after 30 minutes into the car ride, reporters still couldn't see Tavia's head in the passenger seat. When the car turned towards the parking lot near Tavia's home in Tseung Kwan O, there was some leeway for the car to stop.

Reporters took advantage of this opportunity and rushed forward to take pictures.

him law and tavia yeung dating

To the reporters' surprise, Tavia was still in the car, but hid her face between Him's legs. Based on natural reactions, we predicted Tavia wanted to avoid the reporters in the fastest way possible, so she quickly dived towards Him's legs and tried to hide herself.

It is believed, she was in that same position for a period of time during the car ride. At the time, she was in an ambiguous position, as if she had a super secret and was afraid to show her face.