Hana pestle and ben moody dating quotes

hana pestle and ben moody dating quotes

We owe it to ourselves and hana pestle and ben moody dating quotes the person we re going to love not to taint our relationship with them, and our future, with. Hanna Pestle. HANA PESTLE WITH BEN MOODY9 p.m., Juanita's. Emulative hana pestle and ben moody dating quotes Gordon, journalist, photojournalist, aggravated, brilliantly. what's up relative age dating activity answers.

I was devastated by what we had become. Everything I based my existence on, an unreachable dream come true… was a nightmare. And I was powerless to stop it. If one of us didn't leave, my one chance to leave something in this world greater than myself would be lost. I had tried before, out of ignorance, pride, and resentment to convince Amy that she should leave.

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I was hurt, and wanted her to hurt like me. There was no way I would ever let someone walk on that stage and sing your lyrics. I had become a shell of myself. It would have become a joke. It broke me in a way I could never truly describe. My entire existence, my self worth, my identity was this music, this band. I have no idea where this came from, as on the night of the 22nd, Amy made her wishes clear, sending me a message saying, and I quote, 'Get on a plane, and never come back.

The music I loved most in this world.

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It's as if no one even considered the fact my life now had no plan or purpose. Walking away meant forfeiting a winning lottery ticket.

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A dream so big it's unfathomable it would even happen once in a lifetime. And the one and only chance to truly realize the reward of of all my work, faith and dedication. Getting on that plane meant when I landed, every single thing my life was built upon was gone. And there was no delusion or hope that I would ever reach that pinnacle again.

It is remarkably rare that a person is ever faced with a decision like that in a lifetime. And to top it all off, I was just a fucking kid. I went quietly and peacefully.

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There was absolutely no argument over rights and ownership. I gave it to Amy free and clear. I asked for no buyout, no negotiations. Just a clean break. When the very fans I had such a deep connection through the music I helped create with decided that it was mandatory to pick a side, leading to an overwhelming backlash of distaste for me… I said nothing.

I'm very content with my career and personal relationships. The only thing missing from my life was the satisfaction of playing the music I love most live. So I called the guys up. I say, 'Fuck it. Why deny ourselves the experience of doing what it is we do best?

Nor was it someone who would wear Amy Lee's clothes, or try to sing like Amy Lee. Everything else I do, I do for me. Get your own sound.

She's trying to sound like Amy. If I appear to be reminiscent in style, its because it's written and performed by the very same damn people. Rocky, John and I playing together just doesn't come out any other way. Accusing me of ripping off myself is just silly.

And you are wrong. Every CD they sell with or without my contributionsevery venue they sell out, strengthens the one great thing I did with my life. Ensuring my sacrifice wasn't in vain. It is absolutely absurd that anyone would think otherwise. I literally handed everything over without fighting for a thing. Yet all I've heard for seven years is 'Ben Moody is an asshole for leaving.

Ben Moody is douche. Ben put Amy through hell and betrayed her. And I refuse to sit silent while while a great number of you insist on making something that should be so wonderful and positive in to this bullshit. It's bigger than Amy Lee.

It's bigger than Ben Moody. It can still be something special. Why is it that so many of you refuse to acknowledge that? Highlighted by her tranquil vocals, and boosted by endorsements from Grimes and Lorde via Twitter, the song created instant buzz and incited inquiring music outlets to investigate who HANA was. At the tail end of the song, HANA closed her eyes, flashed a serene smile, and swayed to the synthetic beat as a prerecorded loop of backing vocals repeated the chorus: HANA met Tucker through her roommate three years ago, at a time when she was feeling creatively stagnant after six years of driving herself campus to campus with her acoustic guitar.

There were positives to the touring: Are you feeling fulfilled? She wanted to write a soothing song about encouraging someone to persevere during uncertainty. Her memories of Atlanta revolve around music, living in the Five Points district, which she remembers as grungy, and blasting songs by R.

She upgraded to a newer, smaller guitar that was better suited for a youngster, and with persistence and calluses, she learned to play songs by Radiohead and Morissette. A fascination with politics and anti-establishment music coincided with her learning songs by Ani DiFranco and Bright Eyes, whom she saw perform in Montana circa the Lifted album.

By learning the chord structures and progressions to play covers, she developed a sense of how to compose her own songs, culling lyrics from poetry that she had written in her journal. In her notebook, she made a list of all the coffee shops and bookstores in Billings and asked them if she could sing and play guitar there.

At one point, they were called Lavender Strat, after her guitar.