Grimmy and harry dating speech

Nick Grimshaw denies that Harry Styles has been having sleepovers at his flat | Daily Mail Online

The Radio 1 host has shot down rumours he and Harry were ever more than just friends. I know theres a moratorium on the Nick-is-abit-creepy talk but this needed to be said. .. He seemed fine with the Harry stuff before he started dating Eleanor. Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw leave the Sony party, but the night is still young One tweeter, called Georgia said: 'Nick Grimshaw pull your act together! .. by illegal immigrants during Trump's border security speech.

A 'better deal', yeah right, drop her in it, who needs the Larry fandom to blow cover?

Nick Grimshaw denies that Harry Styles has been having sleepovers at his flat

One story involves drugs, the other relates to a guy that's currently talking to the press about being recently dumped but based on what I heard, for reasons very different to those he is giving I won't say more as i'm very cautious about what I post on here the person who provided the info may read these threads for all I know!

They could turn out to be a good source and don't want to lose them before I get the interesting stuff! I don't reckon 1D will go much beyond their second tour, maybe one last album after that at most.

I think this is a harder place for them to evolve from. Their new single is shocking IMO and no different from the fillers on the last album. The cover is also clearly aimed at the teen if not preteen market.

To me, that doesn't suggest an attempt to broaden their appeal in the way necessary for long term survival. I wouldn't be surprised if their management is simply trying to make as much money as fast as possible because they recognise the end is imminent?

It's crazy they just started but they all look ready to be done with it already. I feel like after this tour I think they'll either take a long break Or just end it all together. I mean they must be under a contract, maybe 5 years tops? So I could foresee a break. As for Harry's image it's just getting so bad it's almost comical.

Nick Grimshaw brings Harry Styles to work after partying all night at the BRIT Awards 2013

He spends almost all his time with Grimshaw, how could he possibly be such a manwhore. It's as if they want us to buy into his whole womanizing image. When it's quite clear he's not that way. He seems to be quite content in what he and grimmy has going on, so I don't understand the need to force that shit down anyone's throat. The Alan Carr interview looked so forced. The first two times they were on they seemed more relaxed, but this time around everyone except Niall looked like they rather be elsewhere.

Nick Grimshaw denies that Harry Styles has been having sleepovers at his flat | Daily Mail Online

Oh come on, it's just lighthearted piss-takes and banter. We might like to shred them to bits, I don't think any of us have the matching One D duvet and pillow set. I was reading a few nice things that Niall wanted to hang out with Harry and Nick and that he and Harry are socialising more outside the band. Harry's sister is friends with Niall's brother and their mother, Anne, often tweets affectionately at Niall.

I remember reading that they had enlisted the best songwriters in the world and were doing a lot of co-writing Even their 14 year old fans are surprised they've shown no musical progression. I'd like to think Harry isn't featured much in the song because he hates it: They definitely had a go at the Larry fandom all summer, Louis couldn't plant that amount of stuff himself.

It was co-ordinated and very professionally done. Had the stink of high quality and fast moving all over it, coinciding with pictures and articles on 'the happy couple'. Hackford 'eye of the storm' Jones? Beard or no, no-one should have to put up with that shit and he probably realised he was partly responsible for his own inaction.

Coupled with the huge anti-Larry PR media push over the summer, Louis has managed to reappear as a rather baffling heterosexual rose out the other side. The One Direction US tour started as happy gay abandon but finished as a farce. Is it George Shelley btw? He's a stunner though, isn't he.

Union j, a couple of them already seem gay to me other than Jaymi so who knows also how do u reply to someone? You mean as in quote someone? It's so funny that you complained about this exact same behavior from the Larry shippers, but now you're doing it yourself.

You guys drove people off this thread. There was no room for the Larry discussion, everything you said was obviously true, and nothing at all of what the Larry shippers said could possible be true. It's all just fantasy of course, like some rude poster in here said.

I have talked to some of the Larry shippers who felt they were bullied off the thread, and it was no fun discussing anything anymore, because they were shut down no matter what they said. I can personally say that I'm not a larry shipper, but I still believe Louis is gay and that his girlfriend is a cover up. When I said that in the previous thread, I got shut down because there's "no evidence", just like there's no evidence of Harry being with Grimmy either.

We should all be allowed to have different opinions. Just please don't mock other people for their opinions, it's rude, offensive, and just in general bad behavior. No one has been bullied. A few idiots have made rude comments, but in my opinion, that should be very easy for mature adults to ignore and carry on with their own debates.

Having your views challenged is not bullying. I don't know who you are from the last thread, but you need to let that shit go; how angry you are about it is unhealthy. This is a forum, not your blog, there are going to be trolls who say mean things; if you let it upset you, you shouldn't get so involved in things like this. Anyway, if you ask me, create a thread for just Louis and Harry and you wouldn't have that much to discuss; photoban there may be, but that means there's nothing new cropping up.

Until then, it makes more sense to discuss things which are concrete, rather than purely theory and conspiracy.