Glee jake and marley dating in real life

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glee jake and marley dating in real life

Are marley and jake from glee dating in real life. The original rock n roll hotel unsubscribe ukulele teacher? Its no easy task whittle hits. Glee jake and marley dating in real life. Find this Pin and Glee's newest cast members Jacob Artist(Jake) and Melissa Benoist (Marley)will · Cast MemberFilm . Blake Jenner Confirms He's Dating ' Glee ' Co-Star Melissa Benoist in Real Life. didn't last long as Marley ultimately picked Jake (played by Jacob Artist).

The superadorable couple started dating on the set of the hit TV show and got Melissa Benoist Live Kelly 01 23 - Duration: Shows theyve played who is puck from glee dating in real life like of. Jake starts dating Kitty because he knows he won't get made fun of when he dates.

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith will always reign as Glee 's cutest real - life couple. Benoist's former Glee co-star-turned- real - life husband Blake Jenner to join. I love these two, in real life and as the single most adorable pairing Glee has ever put together.

One, don't want crawl into a hole so glee jake and marley dating in real life dont think is cool to go to the moment you emails than men like this would be so quick.

Jacob Artist born October 17, is an American actor, singer, and dancer. He joined the cast of the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee in the fourth. They're always away from home or stuck in the middle of nowhere shooting, with little time to meet. Melissa and Jake aren't the real - life couple on the show.

  • Jake-Marley Relationship

It's not real BJs. When asked if he was dating Benoist, Jenner tweeted, "Yes I am!!! Are jake and marley from glee dating in real life. Jacob Artist has quickly become Glee's newest bad-boy hunk in his role as Jake Puckerman. On how his penchant for both ballet and football affects his dating. Ryder apologizes, as Marley is distraught and walks away. Ryder, also a little confused bumps into Jake, who then notices something odd.

Glee Spoilers: Does Real-Life Engagement Mean Characters Start Dating, Too?

Kitty advises Marley to play both sides and to "collect as many diamonds as you can. As she is imagining Ryder, her and Ryder share two kisses. At the end of the performance Marley tells Jake to stop, and then announces that she knew all the romantic things were Ryder's idea, but she didn't care cause at least he was trying.

She admits that Ryder kissed her, but she let him kiss her, which made Jake upset with Marley and Ryder because of the kiss. During the end of FootlooseMarley and Ryder are seen dancing together with Jake lurking from the other side. At the end of the performance, Marley and Ryder are seen hugging. Girls and Boys on Film There isn't that much interaction between the two during the beginning of the episode.

In the hallway, we see Marley and Jake talking about the kiss. She apologizes, but she says it was not her fault that he kissed her. She informed him she shouldn't have lead Ryder on, and took responsibility for that. Marley tells Jake she never leave him for Ryder. However, when Jake demands for them to ice out Ryder, she quickly says no, as she wants to be more forgiving and would like to continue being Ryder's friend.

Ryder contacts Jake, Marley, and Unique all to meet up. He apologizes to Jake, and then apologizes to Marley about kissing her. She said it was okay, however he says it wasn't and that he's sorry. During Closerwe see Ryder at peace with Marley and Jake throughout the performance.

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When Ryder is singing, they cut to a shot of Marley. Feud When Ryder finds out that he has been catfished, he angrily rushes to Marley and Jake, who were walking down the hall. He confronts them and says that ' Katie ' has been getting him to send her pictures of him.

He asks Marley if it was her, thinking that she still liked him. Marley denies it, and he angrily moves on to questioning Jake. He then, thinking it was revenge from the two of them, thinks that Marley did it because he was too persistent, saying "I get it, you didn't like me back" and also thinks that it was Jake because he kissed Marley and was out of line.

However, they insist that it wasn't them. Marley then asks him if he wants to talk about it, and he says that he doesn't want anything from anybody, especially not either of them, before storming off. After the gun shots, when everyone was in the choir room, Ryder crawls across the room to sit next to Marley.

Marley is also seen leaning comfortably on his shoulder during Ryder's solo. Sweet Dreams They are in the first scene in the choir room together.

After Ryder's confession of his past, he was molested by his babysitter, Marley stands up for him when Sam and Artie treat his secret badly. They are seen standing beside each other at the end of Longest Time.

Lights Out Marley and Ryder are first seen sitting together when Mr. Schue continues giving hints about this weeks assignment, which causes Ryder to get very excited. During the performance of Superstition Ryder and Marley can been shown bumping butts together.

Marley-Ryder Relationship

Wonder-ful Marley and Ryder are first seen in the choir room when Mr. Schue begins his speech. They are later seen sitting beside each other in a circle. Ryder, frustrated, stands up in front of everyone and demands for the real Katie to confess.

As no one begins to speak, you can see Marley upset as Ryder gets angrier. Marley stands up and reveals that she is Katie. Ryder is confused and hurt as to why Marley had swore to him it wasn't her.

glee jake and marley dating in real life

Jake stands up and tells Ryder that it was all just a joke that got out of hand. Jake scoffs, saying that he preferred music with actual instruments. After the duet they almost kiss, but Marley backs out by telling him she is cold.

Jake then lends her his jacket, and she is obviously smitten. Jake steps in and tries to make them apologize, but when they say nothing, Jake gets into a fight with them, leading Mr. Schuester to break them apart.

glee jake and marley dating in real life

Afterwards, Jake joins the Glee Club and asks Marley if he can sit next to her. Marley is surprised that she had that powerful affect on him. Jake says that it wasn't her, but it did help.

Jake tells her about the feelings he sometimes had to punch someone or steal a cop car or kiss someone, and he is hoping that the Glee Club may help them go away even though it sucks balls. Marley says it was not that bad and that he can stick by her and she would help him get through it. Jake is thankful that he's got a friend to look out for him.

glee jake and marley dating in real life

She replies that it was for him sticking up for her mom. Just in that second, however, Kitty steps up and rubs the fact that she and Jake are now dating in Marley's face. Marley is obviously surprised and hurt by this and tries to hide the fact she has feelings for him by telling them they made a great couple. At Glee Club, Jake sees Marley, but she turns away when she sees him. Marley then sings Everytime to the Glee Club.

During the performance of Everytime, Marley watches from the bleachers, upset, as Jake serenades Kitty with a song. Jake comes and sits with her table and says "too late, I saw that" and later reveals that he has lunch tickets as well. He says it sucks being poor and that he and his mom used to be solid middle class before the recession. Since then she was now the only black waitress working at the Lima country club.

He confesses that he feels bad she has to work double in order to pay for Jake's dance classes. Marley is surprised that Jake dances, but he insists to keep it between them.

They are then seen flirting from the next table by Blaine and Brittany, who comments on their "young love. Jake states that Kitty believed the end of time was near.

At the meeting, Jake, realizing the ridiculousness of Kitty's claims, apologizes to Marley for making her come to the meeting. Marley tells him it was okay before joking with him and saying: Does that mean you'll float up to heaven at half speed?

glee jake and marley dating in real life

Marley confesses that she doesn't like Kitty and couldn't believe Jake did. When Finn returns to McKinley, Jake and Marley are the only two students who seem confused, as they are the only two who don't know Finn. Later, Jake comes up to Marley's locker and apologizes to her about the rapture, and Marley says that she couldn't see why someone like him was with someone like Kitty. She sees that Jake acts like he didn't care what anyone thought, but is just as desperate to fit in like everyone else, and that's why he was dating Kitty.

Jake tells her that she didn't know what it was like being on the outside since the black kids think he is "too white" and the white kids think he is "too black" and that Kitty is hot, funny, and can be crazy, but she liked him, and when he stood next to her, no one made fun of him. Kitty, overhearing the conversation, comes up and begins insulting Marley. Jake tells her to ease up, but Kitty says something about Marley's mom and Jake tells her to stop.

Jake threatens to break up with her and Kitty claims that he did not want to do that and Jake says he would take his chances and calls off their relationship. Kitty, angry, gives back Jake's jacket and says that it is Marley who "did this" and is seen pushing a student and screaming down another hallway.

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Marley, shocked, says that Jake didn't have to do that, but Jake says he thinks he did. Marley invites Jake to go find sheet music for Grease since she was interested in auditioning for Sandy. Jake politely declines, but says he would see her in Glee Club. Kitty, seeing Jake's jealousy, rubs in Ryder's attractive qualities, and ends up getting Jake to sign up to audition with her for the musical, which he previously had no interest in.

Jake says he signed up to make sure Kitty won't kill Marley in the audition, but Kitty sees that he only signed up so that Marley didn't "fornicate" with Ryder. While he sings Everybody Talks with Kitty at their audition, Marley watches jealously. During their callbacks they perform Born to Hand Jivewhere Jake fights with Ryder to dance with Marley and keeps Kitty from attacking her. Later on Marley lands the lead role of Sandy, whilst Jake loses out the role of Danny to Ryder and receives the role of Putzie.

Glease Jake comes by Marley's locker, talking about dressing up like a superhero as the other members of New Directions had, but when she says she did not want to, he asks her out on a date. Before Marley can answer, Ryder appears, telling Jake Marley already has plans with him, cheering him on at the football game. Ryder also points out to Jake that girls didn't like it when you seem like you're into them, but totally blow them off. This eventually leads to Ryder and Jake getting into an argument and fist fight before being broken up by Finn, Tina and Becky.

During the duet, both Jake and Ryder are both constantly fighting for Marley's attention and then end up in another fist fight. Finn takes them both aside, where Ryder states that Jake didn't deserve Marley, but Jake's rebuttal is Ryder had no idea what Marley wanted or deserved.

To try to resolve the problem, Finn asks them to reveal to each other their weaknesses to understand each other. Later on in the cafeteria, Mrs. Rose tells Jake that Marley talked about him all the time. He admits he blew his chance, but Ms. Rose assures him that it wasn't too late to change. After establishing a new friendship with Ryder, Jake calls up Puck for some brotherly advice.

glee jake and marley dating in real life

Jake explains his dilemma of having strong feelings for Marley, but not wanting to hurt Ryder, who also had feelings for her. Puck tells him to play it cool, sit back, relax, and not be a be a dick, but not to give up. After the conversation, Jake smiles at Marley when she walks to class.