Femme and stud relationships dating

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femme and stud relationships dating

From personal collection Gorgeous Butch–Femme Couple Vanessa Mártir and Reentering the dating universe can be a little bumpy, as most. For one thing, I'd have to put myself in the butch or femme category, and not . If I wanted to date a masculine, butch woman I might as well just. Jan 8, Explore Evella Walker's board "Stud & fem couples" on Pinterest. Cute Lesbian Couples, Lesbian Love, Dope Couples, Girlfriend Goals, Couple.

Butches create and shape their own masculinity, and have an easier time building something more flexible and innovative than the tired stereotypes that get passed down from generation to generation of men and fit tighter than any corset.

femme and stud relationships dating

She thinks gender stereotypes are for losers I have a lover who is multi-talented. We are able to express our desires and fears to each other without discomfort, without the worry that the other will judge us or call our gender presentations into question.

She looks really hot all the time Mmm. Have I mentioned how attractive I find butches? I love the pull of a tight crew neck shirt over broad shoulders, curvy waist, and full breasts. I love bulging biceps contrasted with the thick straps of a black sports bra. I love hair that is long and soft enough to grab on to, but short enough to ruffle or spike up. I take great effort in preparing myself for her, selecting my outfit, putting it on layer by layer.

The process of examining each garment, from lingerie to coat, and styling my hair and face relaxes me, helps me set a tone and a mood.

10 Things I Love About Dating a Butch | K is for Kiah, and Kakorrhaphiophobia

Her wardrobe is so simple, yet to my eyes, the sight of her in her boxers and straps might as well be lingerie. She makes it so clear, every day, how much she values me and cherishes me the way I am and the way I want to be. Because I feel safe with her, I have been able to explore my femmehood and find that I enjoy it. The look on her face as I ask her to lace up my corset or zip my dress serves as positive reinforcement.

femme and stud relationships dating

She makes the process of looking feminine feel like something to relish and enjoy, not something to hide or falsely pass off as effortless. She loves dogs, cats, ducks, babies, and lonely lost queer youth. Her willingness to guide and help people, be they friends, family, or strangers, has shown me how selfless and loyal she can be.

I would never fear her leaving me at my most vulnerable, or approaching our future with anything less than dedication, generosity, and love.

femme and stud relationships dating

Not only is she the butch woman of my dreams, but she shares my fantasies and knows how to complement them. I keep an extra skirt in my bag to change into after my shift. We all carry both masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves. So if femmes are strong and self-sufficient badasses that choose to be soft with their butches, and butches are nurturers that protect and pleasure their femmes through their expressions of masculinity, how does that resemble the patriarchy of old?

Butch Lesbians Explain : Dating Other Butch Women

When I am with a masculine partner, my sense of feminine power is intensified. Rather than feeling subordinate or weak, I feel a heightened sense of self.

The (Real) Truth About Butch vs Femme

Her masculinity not only contrasts my femininity, but amplifies it. Within the butch—femme dance, I feel appreciated for my very essence. My every curve is a path to explore; my flirtations, bold or demure, are received and returned with equal desire.

Another way to look at this is that I want my partner to treat me well and to validate my feminine expression. In order for a butch to be a good partner to me they must love deeply, wish to protect my heart, and respect my intellect and rightful sense of self-determination. Recently I found a huge spider in my laundry room. My initial reaction was to scream.

The Struggles of Butch/Butch Relationships

Then I pulled out a tape measure to document its size, and then I killed it. I take pleasure in breaking the expectations of what a femme can do and be. Femmes are sacred and to be cherished. Butches are sacred and to be cherished. I loved a romantic dreamer who proudly claimed her butch identity.

I was married to a trans butch who, after 17 years, medically transitioned to a full-time male identity. What I really care about is who the person is, how they treat me, if they want to tango, honor my femme identity, and let me honor their masculinity. I, too, reject roles.