Ethan ruan and joe chen dating

After “going to bed”, Ethan Ruan admits he and Chen Qiao En are now buddies! | dramaville

ethan ruan and joe chen dating

Taiwan actor and actress Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen arrives for promotion; media, they didn't keep asking them about whether they're dating. In SETTV and TTV idol drama "Fated to Love You", Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan have a deep love which has to undergo hardship and this. A bit strange is that after the hit, Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen did not cooperate, Xiong Dailin and Aaron Kwok dating for seven years is not still.

Their reactions when they first heard it was "Impossible! After that, they can't be bothered to respond. No time to date, her fated one has not yet appeared.

ethan ruan and joe chen dating

He is a jovial person; working with Roy Qiu in China, because we are both from Taiwan, we can take care of each other and chat on many topics. But Chen Qiao En ernestly clarified that she is still single. Chen Qiao En said that she understands that all these news are part of life of artistes.

joe chen & ethan gonna be love

She does not mind and won't get upset over them. If she gets involved into a love triangle, she will give up as she is afraid that it will be troublesome In 'Let's Dance', Chen Qiao En and her sister was involved in a love triangle. When asked how she will react if this happens in real life, Chen Qiao En replied: Because I will not get involved in this kind of situations. But as she is afraid that it will be troublesome, why not give up if they are not yet married. Currently independent, said that she does not have the ability to set up her own company After her contract with J-Stars terminated last year, Chen Qiao En regains her freedom and people are curious about her future plans.

Joe Chen has no spark with Ming Dao, still waiting for "the one" ~ The Story Begins

Even though some media reports that Chen Qiao En will be setting up her own company, she said laughingly that they think too highly of her. I don't have the ability to set up a company. Similiar stuff were not translated "Fated to Love You" cast Ethan and Qiao En arrives in Malaysia for the first time and facing the "kind" malaysia media, Qiao En praises them for being very friendly and unlike Hong Kong media, they didn't keep asking them about whether they're dating.

Chen Qiao En "bring fame" to male partners and the media termed her as "bring fame to male partner". She feels that she indeed bring fame to male partners and happily joked that "If any guy want to be famous, come and act with me.

Who is Ethan ruan that is boyfriend of joe chen

Ethan is grateful to Qiao En with her "bring fame to male partner" abilities, helping him to shoot to fame with "Fated to Love You"! And as one of the male partners that benefited, has Ethan given Qiao En a present to show his thanks?

Ethan expressed no and smiled at Qiao En, saying that as long as the thought is there, it's more than anything else. The two of them both have someone else and describe their relationship as brotherly.

ethan ruan and joe chen dating

Chen Qiao En boldly declared "I'm the elder brother! The two of them have a more brotherly type of relationship and as brothers, they created a legend.

ethan ruan and joe chen dating

Taiwan media reported that Chen Qiao En no longer wants to film idol drama and she explained that she wants to try out dramas or movies focused on different time periods and background. She wants to try out different character and break out of the usual idol drama scenerios. As long as it's a different character, she will attempt them.

He left Joe Chen, and he has been on the decline.

Both of them hope to act together again but with a different kind of character so that the audience will feel some freshness. Qiao En agrees that this year is a fruitful year for her. I'm very happy that this drama could do so well, giving us the chance to go Hong Kong and Malaysia for promotion.

ethan ruan and joe chen dating