Drawn to introverts and dating

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drawn to introverts and dating

Dating an introvert is the best move an extrovert could do. While independent introverts don't mind hanging back, extroverts enjoy being. He reacted to my efforts to engage him and draw him out with resistance and resentment. Gloria, my girlfriend of four years and I had recently broken up. Introverts have some major advantages when it comes to dating. Introverts draw you in by posing interesting questions and sharing their own.

They genuinely listen to what their date has to say.

drawn to introverts and dating

Forget monopolizing the conversation. Introverts would rather listen then spill their whole life story, brag about a recent vacation or lecture their date on news of the day.

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They value a back-and-forth conversation and ask follow-up questions. Bonus points for that: A recent Harvard Business School study found that people who asked a lot of questionsparticularly follow-up questions, were considered more likable by others. In short, introverts win their dates over with their genuine curiosity and ability to listen with intention, said Michaela Chungthe author of The Irresistible Introvert: Introverts draw you in by posing interesting questions and sharing their own unique perspectives.

Introverts tend to have deeper and more meaningful relationships. He enjoys hitting on a lot of women at bars and clubs and taking things to the next level fairly quickly. He has a lot of numbers in his phone but my relationships have lasted longer and been more meaningful, I think.

drawn to introverts and dating

Introverts know who they are and what they want. Extroverts sparkle, introverts glow.

Researchers Have Very Good News For the Dating Lives of Introverts

If you appreciate your own quiet glow, other people will see it too. They simply don't gain energy from social interactions like extroverts do, which can make small talk feel cumbersome and possibly pointless.

drawn to introverts and dating

But that doesn't mean they can't hold a conversation. We are very good listeners, good at drawing people out, enjoy substantive conversation. We don't chitchat very well, but we love to converse, which makes for a good date.

As a result, Dembling says, they have the advantage of starting to develop a connection before they even have their first conversation — and those first conversations will be more substantive and flow more easily once they do speak. Their sense of mystery can attract people. Indeed, many introverts are even described as aloof, which can be equal parts intriguing and intimidating to others.

In her book, Dembling talks about her own experience with her extroverted best friend in high school.

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In fact, a guy I'd had a secret crush on back then admitted he'd felt the same. Too late to do anything with it, but, as he said, 'Nice to know. Introverts attract more people than even they realize — it just might depend on the pursuer to take the first step. Introverts can make good partners for both introverts and extroverts. When it comes to dating, the introverts in relationships included in Dembling's research were pretty equally divided between dating other introverts or dating extroverts.