Disfigurement and dating

If my face upsets you, it's your problem not mine - Telegraph

disfigurement and dating

Facial disfigurement can mean a lifetime of distress. Now surgeons, psychologists and patients are coming together in a new initiative to. Tom Hickey writes about his experience with facial disfigurement on It was obvious that my facial disfigurement was the cause of his diatribe. . I am a year-old woman who has just recently started dating again. Dating is like going on a job interview-you don't have to volunteer any extra And God forbid.. no noticable disability/disfigurement allowed.

disfigurement and dating

In her mid- to late twenties, she tried online dating and was quickly discouraged by the superficiality of it. They are both passionate about social justice and have long conversations about making the world a more equitable place.

Facial disfigurement: don't turn away

From the beginning, he has been an attentive listener who empathises with Jenny when others make a big deal about her appearance. They just got back from a hiking trip in Canada and are still enjoying their intellectual talks today.

disfigurement and dating

Below Jenny has shared her dating tips, take a look: Do what makes you comfortable. If you want to be single, be single. If you want to date, date. Make sure you have support.

Dating may be more difficult, as there are many superficial people out there who may judge you for your looks. Although putting yourself out there can be scary, you might meet some interesting people and even make a few friends.

Handling reactions to facial disfigurement - NHS

Mind you, there was a time when we visited Dublin Zoo and a bunch of girls ahead of us spotted me. We were then treated to the unusual sight of them walking backwards so they could continue staring. My family were upset, but at that stage I was comfortable with my scars and more concerned for my family. I was around ten when I was attacked by a guy who lived near us.

He used to taunt me in the street, calling me names he knew would hurt.

disfigurement and dating

It was clear my face bothered him, so much so that one day he cornered me, forced me to the ground, spat on my face and punched me. He wasn't the only one.

If my face upsets you, it's your problem not mine

I was attacked in my teens several times, singled out because of my face. In my twenties I was chased by a gang who thought it was funny to call me "Dracula", "spastic", "monster" and "Frankenstein". Words wound your psyche, punching holes in your self esteem, your dignity and confidence. They diminish your self worth and their effects linger long after physical blows. For some of us they lead to social isolation and anxiety. We are afraid to venture out because of these haters. Tom Hickey pictured with his wife.

Tom Hickey writes about his experience with facial disfigurement on hickeysworld.

disfigurement and dating

You have to wonder why any woman would say such an insensitive thing to another. It's clear she had written me off as one of life's losers just because my face didn't fit.

Just where does this hatred and intolerance spring from? Why do children grow into teenagers who abuse others in the street because of facial disfigurement or a disability? What gives them the right to decide we should be treated differently and it's ok to abuse us openly, or laugh and sneer at us in public places? If it's wrong to racially abuse someone then why is there no equal protection for the disabled and facially disfigured who are also targeted?

To fight disability hate crime we need to educate our children to be more tolerant.

disfigurement and dating

We can do this in the home and in school by nipping issues like staring, pointing and bullying in the bud. The media also has a crucial role to play by focussing less on negative words and imagery when they talk about the disabled or those with a facial difference.