Dating and personality traits

Which Personality Type is Your Love Match?

dating and personality traits

Last week, we closely examined the drinking habits of people by their zodiac sign and this week we are going to take a look into the dating. This study examines factors (including gender, self-monitoring, the big five personality traits, and demographic characteristics) that influence online dating. Instructions: For each of the following questions, choose the answer that best describes how your ideal partner would act. My ideal mate Always. Usually.

An individual's behavior and manners are firmly rooted in verbal and non-verbal communication. Therefore, table manners communicate an individual's personality traits. However, different dining formats either can elicit true character or can cache a person's true nature.

For instance, formal dining has a ceremonious character that conveys certain auras, obligations and dignities; frequently at a formal event, a couple may take on a superficial patina of good breeding. Therefore, I find that a less formal dining atmosphere is a good barometer of one's true personality, because, people tend to drop their defenses in a casual venue as compared to a formal party where it is all about putting your best foot forward.

Dating Resolutions: 7 Characteristics of an Ideal Partner

One a first date, what are some things that someone can look for that bring up red flags about a date's personality? Regardless if you meet someone for the first time or if you have been in a relationship, you need to open your eyes and ears fully or you will continue to succumb to the same disastrous relationship pitfalls.

dating and personality traits

Red flags to look for include: Crossed arms Crossing your arms comes across as a potential shield to prevent others from coming close. It states that you are not open for communication or advancement. Feet or Hips pointing in a direction away from you It shows a disinterest and the interest of the party to make a move away from you. Resting chin in hand This makes it look like the person can hardly stay awake or is bored. Tapping of foot or objects This indicates frustration, boredom or ignoring.

dating and personality traits

No direct eye contact This is a huge flag! If someone cannot look you in the eye, he or she is very uncomfortable with you. Hands over mouth This indicates the person is covering something up or being deceitful. Propped back in a chair This shows signs of arrogance and conveys the message, stay your distance or I couldn't care less what you think.

Display of your palms down This dominant feature suggests control. Placement of objects or body parts in front of the person For instance, placement of a purse or briefcase on the table indicates a subliminal message to separate each person.

Weed out the fake smile To know if someone is giving you a genuine smile, look for the corners of the lips to turn up, the eyes shape into half-moons, and you will always see those telltale signs of the crinkle of the crows-feet at the corners of the eyes. Are there any times that someone could be different from what he or she seems to be to his or her date?

Unless you are an actor or have sociopathic proclivities, it is nearly impossible for someone to have total control of both your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Your primitive biological design of fight or flight allows your subconscious to make split-second decisions.

You become aware of someone's phoniness but may not be intellectually ready to admit this is the wrong person for you. When you have certain thoughts in your mind, but an empty pit feeling in your stomach, you experience dissonance. It is an early inner warning that something is not right and to be aware. For example, you and your date have a wonderful intimate meal.

He was charming to everybody, but especially you. Having broken ties to old identities and patterns, this person is much more available to a romantic partner and the new family that they create together. Naturally, becoming emotionally mature ourselves helps with this process and dramatically improves our chances of achieving a solid and rewarding relationship. Openness The ideal partner is open, undefended and willing to be vulnerable.

No human being is perfect, so finding someone who is approachable and receptive to feedback can be a huge asset to a lasting union.

Which Personality Type is Your Love Match?

When someone is free-thinking and open-minded, it enables them to be forthright in expressing feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires, which allows you to truly know them. Their openness is also an indication of their interest in personal development and often contributes to the development of the relationship.

Like perfect people, perfect unions do not exist, so finding someone with whom you can talk about an area that you feel is lacking in your relationship and who is open to evolving is more than half the battle. Conversely, being willing to accept feedback from our partners and looking for that kernel of truth in what they say allows us to develop ourselves in a similar manner.

Honesty builds trust between people. Dishonesty confuses the other person, betraying their vulnerability and shattering their sense of reality.

How to Define Personality Traits on the First Date

Nothing has a more destructive impact on a close relationship between two people than dishonesty and deception. Even in painful situations such as infidelity, the blatant deception involved is often equally, if not more, hurtful than the unfaithful act itself.

dating and personality traits

The ideal partner strives to live a life of integrity so that there are no discrepancies between words and actions. This goes for all levels of communication, both verbal and nonverbal.

dating and personality traits

Being open and honest in our most intimate relationships means really knowing ourselves and our intentions. While this can prove difficult, it is an effort worth striving for. Ideal partners treat each other with respect and sensitivity.

They do not try to control each other with threatening or manipulative behavior. Empathy The ideal partner perceives their mate on both an intellectual, observational level and an emotional, intuitive level. This person is able to both understand and empathize with his or her partner. When two people in a couple understand each other, they become aware of the commonalities that exist between them and also recognize and appreciate the differences.

Developing our ability to be empathic helps us understand and attune to our partner.