Catrific and joey graceffa dating daniel

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catrific and joey graceffa dating daniel

Joey Graceffa and Daniel Christopher told Shane Dawson how they first met, on Shane’s recent podcast. Joey also revealed that he used to hang out at gay clubs before he came out, but stopped after being recognized. Daniel Didn’t Know Who Joey Graceffa Was: “I Thought He Was. Note: Stats up to date until YOUTUBERS REACT TO TASTING NINTENDO SWITCH Cat Valdes, 3, DAMN DANIEL COMPILATION, March 13th , catrific . Joey Graceffa, 10, Sharknado, August 29th , Joey Graceffa · JonC Joey Graceffa is a 17 year old guy living in Los Angeles. Daniel: Obviously dude your girlfriend just heard you say you basically hate your relationship with her.

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catrific and joey graceffa dating daniel

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