Benny hinn and paula white dating

Megachurch Pastor Paula White Weds Rocker Jonathan Cain in Third Marriage — Charisma News

benny hinn and paula white dating

Paula White just got married to Chicago-born rocker Jonathan Cain. He is perhaps best known for his days with the band Journey and Bad. After a report of an alleged affair between top level Word Faith heretics Benny Hinn and Paula White surfaced in The National Enquirer, in posts. Evangelist Benny Hinn recently admitted at a crusade in Oakland, Calif., to having a "friendship" with fellow minister Paula White while he's still.

Paula grew up while being looked after by babysitters. White claims that she was sexually and physically assaulted between the time she was six and when she turned thirteen. Paula moved to Washington D.

Paula White Net Worth, Husband, Relationship With Trump and Benny Hinn

C when she was nine years old after her mother got remarried to a two-star US Navy admiral. It was in that she converted to Christianity while she was living in Maryland.

She claimed that it was at about this time that she received a vision from God that asked her to preach the gospel.

benny hinn and paula white dating

Net Worth Paula White is a pastor but also an author of several books. She hosts her own popular television show, Paula White Today. Paula White has been married three times. She was first hitched after she got pregnant as a teenager and went on to marry the father of her unborn child, Dean Knight who was a local musician at the time.

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Pastor Benny did not know the extent of her medications and her reliance on these medications. Also, he did not fully understand how much harm they were causing to her, physically and emotionally. Suzanne filed for divorce because she was in a deep emotional and physical crisis that affected her in such a way that caused her to make a decision she now regrets.

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  • Paula White Net Worth, Husband, Relationship With Trump and Benny Hinn

She now admits her divorcing Benny was a cry for his attention and for help. He says the end of their marriage woke him up, and he believes the Lord used it to show him—as a man of God and as a man—that he cannot function properly without his wife and family. He says it is the best thing that could have happened.

benny hinn and paula white dating

He came to a place where he humbled himself and realized his priorities were wrong. He asks for forgiveness from his family and the Body of Christ. For the rest of the Hinn family, it was painful and Suzanne said they interceded for the restoration of the marriage fervently.

After their marriage ended, Suzanne decided that she needed professional help to gain freedom from her chemical dependence and checked herself into the Betty Ford Center in early For three and a half months she underwent exhaustive treatment. Today, she has been totally off medications for 17 months and is set free. Suzanne said it was a hard process, but it gave her a better understanding of what she had been through in her marriage and with her medications.

She learned how certain situations affect her and how to deal with them without drugs.