Axle whitehead and samara weaving dating

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axle whitehead and samara weaving dating

Gormley) and Liam (Axel Whitehead) had a tumultuous relationship. Indi and Romeo: Indi (Samara Weaving) and Romeo (Luke Mitchell). Former Home and Away star Samara Weaving has gone from beach babe to glamour And Away co-star Axle Whitehead and Puberty Blues star Tyler Atkins, Samara has been dating British model Rob Moore since last year. After dating for four years, this happy couple tied the knot in , and are still going strong. Samara Weaving & Axle Whitehead. This pair kept.

Indi steals a letter from Annie to Romeo and he is angry when he finds out. Indi believes that Romeo is still in love with Annie, but Romeo states that she is the only one for him. Indi apologises for her behaviour. Indi worries about failing her HSC.

Romeo deliberately fails his because he loves her and wants to be with her. However, Indi passes her HSC and she begins a business studies course at university. Romeo starts to question his relationship with Indi and he believes she is going to break up with him.

Indi leaves Romeo some cryptic clues for a special night she has planned for him, but he fails to turn up.

axle whitehead and samara weaving dating

Ruby later tells Indi that she and Romeo had sex. Romeo tries to apologise, but Indi insists they are over. Indi meets Kieran Monroe Andrew Hazzard at a party. Romeo warns Indi not to go out with him, but she refuses to listen. When Kieran turns nasty one night, Indi calls Romeo to rescue her. Romeo professes his feelings for Indi and they get back together.

Nicole leaves Summer Bay, leaving Indi upset.

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Romeo proposes and she accepts. They decide to get married straight away. Sid arrives and interrupts the wedding, but he gives Romeo and Indi his blessing and they marry. On their return home, they move in with Roo.

When they struggle financially, they move into the Farmhouse. Indi turns against Roo when she discovers she is seeing Sid, however they later make up. Sid learns he has another daughter called Sasha Demi Harman. He brings her home to meet Indi and Dex and they eventually bond.

axle whitehead and samara weaving dating

Indi secures an internship with Dennis Harling Danny Robertsbut she gives Romeo a hard time about their financial situation when he opens a surf school. Things get worse when Romeo admits to lending a large amount of money to his sister.

Indi urges him to get a job with the new resort. Sasha admits that her boyfriend, Stu Brenton Thwaiteshas been hitting her. Dex and Indi suspect Sid of Stu's murder when his body turns up, but Sasha confesses it was her fault. Romeo leaves his job in sales to start surfing in competitions, which annoys Indi. They talk and she eventually supports him. When she discovers Ruby is attending the competitions with Romeo, she decides to trust him.

Indi is introduced to Logan Meyer David Berrywho makes it clear he is interested in her. When she decides to surprise Romeo in his room one night, Indi finds Ruby there and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Indi goes out with Logan and Ruby sees them together. Romeo tries to persuade her to make their marriage work and she agrees.

Logan gives Indi some expensive earring and they later kiss. Romeo and Indi realise they got married too young. Indi continues to see Logan, who buys her a dress for an evening out. Romeo insinuates she is a gold-digger and he later begins dating Ruby. Indi becomes concerned for Romeo, when she learns he has had an accident. She tries to visit him in the hospital, but Ruby stops her and asks her to leave. Indi tells Romeo that she is in debt and is thinking of dropping out of university.

Romeo later transfers some money into Indi's account and tells her to pay it back when she can. Logan learns Indi still has feelings for Romeo and they break up.

Indi learns Ruby is pregnant and she resolves to stay away from Romeo. However, Ruby later confesses she made the pregnancy up and Indi allows Romeo to stay the night at the farm. Romeo confesses that he still loves Indi and he attempts to kiss her, but she asks him to leave. She later tells him to break up with Ruby if he wants to move on and he does.

Indi bonds with Liam Murphy Axle Whitehead and he later gives her a job at the restaurant. Ruby cuts the brake cables on Indi's car as an act of revenge but Dexter borrows the car and crashes sustaining a life-threatening head injury. As Ruby has left a voicemail on Indi's phone warning her not to drive the car it is clear who the culprit is and she ends up confessing and going to jail. Indi and Romeo get back together although they still have a turbulent relationship.

They re-open the gym in the Surf Club and it seems like their life is good. However, Romeo learns that he has skin cancer and together with Sid they keep it a secret from Indi.

Indi suspects something is going on, but no one will tell her. Indi definitely thinks that this is going to be a relationship, whereas Romeo has his doubts about it.

A lot of relationship stuff, a lot of ups and downs. He goes through a really torturous time.

Who is Samara Weaving dating? Samara Weaving boyfriend, husband

It's a very rocky path. She decides that Romeo is the guy for her, but time will tell if this is actually the case. Luke Mitchell, Rebecca Breeds and Samara Weaving are having a great time with this storyline, and we'll see a new side to all of them as they face the consequences of their actions.

Weaving said her "knight in shining armour has been shattered" as she thought Romeo was the one person who wouldn't cheat; Indi cannot "understand the circumstances" which have led to Romeo's infidelity.

She said that they could repair their relationship; "she just needs time to grieve" and that viewers expected them to part ways. However, Indi helps win over Roo and Romeo's business acquaintance, Marty. And Romeo doesn't deal with that well. He's finally got the girl of his dreams, and she might be going away. Gina Austin Sonia Todd persuades Romeo to go back to school.

It is later revealed that Romeo's family broke down when his mother killed his abusive stepfather to protect him and his sister took the blame. His sister, Mink, arrives in town and a few months later, his alcoholic mother, Jill Josephine Mitchellarrives too. Romeo and Mink part on good terms, but he and Jill do not. He dates Annie Campbell for a while until she chooses to return to Japan.

Romeo then starts dating Indigo Walker and they enjoy spending time with each other. Romeo is put to work in the kitchen at the Diner as his presence starts to interfere with Indi's work.

Romeo later decides that he is ready to lose his virginity, but Indi leaves the house crying and without explaining to Romeo why. He tries calling her, but she does not answer. He then talks to Nicole Franklin Tessa James about what happened and she tells him that she will speak to Indi. Indi finds Romeo and tells him that they need to take things more slowly. Romeo is angry when Indi confesses that she took and read a letter from Annie to him. Indi believes that Romeo is still in love with Annie and Romeo proves to her that she is the only one for him.

Indi then apologises for how she has been acting.

axle whitehead and samara weaving dating

Romeo reveals to Indi that he deliberately failed his HSC because he loves her and wants to be with her. Romeo starts to question his relationship with Indi and he becomes frustrated with being back in school. Romeo becomes friends with Casey Braxton Lincoln Younes after they end up in detention together. Indi leaves Romeo some cryptic clues for a special night she has planned for him, but he believes Indi is going to end their relationship.

Ruby Buckton tells Romeo that she likes him and they have sex. Romeo is shocked when he learns that Indi was not going to break up with him. He tells Ruby that he and Indi are still together and that nothing will ever happen between them.

Ruby tells Indi that she and Romeo had sex, devastating both Indi and Romeo. Romeo tries to apologise, but Sid Robert Mammone refuses to let him into the house. Romeo invites Indi out on a picnic and she goes, but tells Romeo that they are over.

Romeo meets Emily Logan Madison Kerry and they have sex. Romeo loses interest in her and tells her that she meant nothing to him, appalling Indi. Romeo spends time working at the shelter and decides to stop wallowing and take action. He starts a Surf School business. Romeo does not like Indi's new admirer, Kieran Monroe Andrew Hazzardand warns Indi not to go out with him, but she refuses to listen. Kieran turns nasty one night and Indi calls Romeo, who rescues her. Sid warns Romeo off of Indi and he agrees, which annoys Indi.

axle whitehead and samara weaving dating

However, he decides to profess his feelings for her and they get back together. Sid is not happy and expresses his distrust of Romeo at a dinner. Romeo discovers that he has Chlamydia and tries to contact Ruby.

axle whitehead and samara weaving dating

When Casey finds out, he punches Romeo. The Blaxland breaks and Romeo attempts to fix it himself. Romeo gets distracted trying to stop a River Boy fight and neglects his lifesaving duty. Romeo becomes desperate to fix the boat and agrees to take two River Boys out on a charter.