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Sexy picture - Vampire Diaries cast: Two weeks ago the stud joined Dobrev and her pals, including Aaron and Lauren Paulfor a.

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Paul wesley dating nina dobrev. Bell seemed pretty upset on Twitter. Dobrev has always been close with Wesley. Since reports about Dobrev and Wesley's relationship surfaced.

Currently single and Paul Welsey is getting a divorce.

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Nina jumped right into Paul's arms. As soon as she spotted him and then ran back to join. Paul also recorded a video of him visiting the set, even showing the second.

Nina Dobrev isn't the only Vampire Diaries star moving on. Hoping to cash in on her fame, he wanted to publish a book about their marriage, but a permanent injunction against him made that impossible.

His most important theatre credits include: His first major role was Arek Bilski in "Krugerandy" but the real breakthrough came inwhen he played a homicide detective, Slawomir Desperski in a film and cult television series "Pitbull". Neither of them spoke badly of the other and recently Cris went on record saying that the loss of his privacy during his relationship with Jennifer took a toll on him.

Marcin Dorocinski Wiki Walking down the aisle again? In Marc married model Shannon de Lima, which marks his third marriage. His father is a smith and his mother is a housewife, he has three brothers.

Nobody suspected that there might be any troubles in their marriage. After that split, she decided to stay alone for a while and not get straight back into the dating game. The couple continued happily and very successfully until June Due to the sustained injury, Dorocinski was not able to pursue his football career.

But will they get married? In December Marc and Shannon announced that they had amicably decided to go separate ways. Marcin Dorocinski RareFilm Otter in "Manhunt" as well as his debonair leading man roles, handsome, virile, charismatic and charming: The couple famously filmed the movie Gigli together, which was unsuccessful at the box office.

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But she found that she could no longer continue her marriage and so it was decided. He is an avid u2 and Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, enjoys triathlon, car and motor racing and walking his dog. Afterwards he played some minor roles in TV and films. The power-couple continued to power on and thus it came as a shock when they announced their split in July Shortly after leaving Sean Combs, Jennifer started dating Cris Judd, a former backup dancer, whom she ended up marrying in He has also made his international debut in Per Fly's film "The woman that dreamed about a man" released in Jennifer also recently said that she had nothing but love for her second ex-husband, who is happily remarried.

Collaborating frequently, the two became quite the music power-couple. Access denied Jennifer Lopez has been dating Alex Rodriguez for some time now.

Dorocinski grew up dreaming of becoming a professional football player. Unfortunately, that marriage ended only nine months later, and the couple divorced.