Aaron turner and jasmine harper dating

Are jasmine harper and aaron turner dating | JEANSDA Jeans 金斯大牛仔褲

aaron turner and jasmine harper dating

Amy and Fik-Shun stay cute, Aaron and Jasmine shine, Hayley proves she can tango. Amy and Malece hit bottom for first time, Tucker injured as two more go home. Posts about Jasmine Harper written by Rants of A Crazy Person. The couple floated and moved across the stage and it reminded me of the way jellyfish move, .. (Apparently this is why Aaron Turner didn't dance on the opening routine.

aaron turner and jasmine harper dating

And a shout-out to choreographer Luther Brown, for bringing Canadian talent and his usual good humour to the episode. Here's a look at the routines ranked from my most to least favourite. Jasmine and Aaron, contemporary: This wasn't the flashiest or the sexiest routine, but I loved it.

Jasmine was playing a tree looking gorgeous in her green dress and Aaron a man coveting her last apple, but the two brought as much emotional resonance to the number as if it had been one of those disease of the week routines the judges praise so much. I loved the sometimes staccato movement, the flow of the choreography by Justin Giles, the interplay between Aaron and Jasmine, and the seamless way they handled the prop apple.

aaron turner and jasmine harper dating

These two are becoming my favourite couple. Hayley and Leonardo, Argentine tango: I'm sure Hayley missed her wounded partner, Curtis, but she lucked out dancing with tango expert Leonardo Barrionuevo, who choreographed this routine with Miriam Larici.

Are jasmine harper and aaron turner dating

And that's not because Leonardo carried her, but because his excellence showcased how talented Hayley is. As Murphy pointed out, Hayley simply oozed into some of her poses; she handled the difficult ganchos leg play like a pro, her posture was fabulous, and she was regal and seductive and had her tango stank face on.

I'm beginning to think there's nothing that Hayley can't do. Amy and Fik-Shun, hip hop: This was exactly the type of routine that suits these two, packed by choreographer Christopher Scott with small, specific movements, groove, synchronization and personality.

Amy and Fik-Shun performed to their usual high standard, so much so that I barely noticed when Amy had a slip-up and fell. On the other hand, I can see Lythgoe's point about them needing to branch out.

Even Fik-Shun and Amy must be getting tired of being told every week how adorable they are. Their tiny stature shouldn't bar them from getting choreography that enables them to show us gut-wrenching emotion. Makenzie and Paul, jazz: This was sensuality with the kind of quirk you'd expect from a Sonya Tayeh routine. Makenzie was as technically proficient as always and showed off her great legs; Latin ballroom dancer Paul demonstrated his usual adaptability to other styles and morphed into something of a sexy beast, but there was an emptiness to the routine, sort of like a dance one night stand.

Still, there are worse things than a roll in the dance hay with these two. If Alan does go home next week, at least he'll have had a chance to shine. He was all over this fiendishly difficult salsa routine, which Season 5 contestant and first-time choreographer Jonathan Platero packed with a ridiculous amount of lifts and flips and twists.

Alan partnered Malece strongly and brought exactly the spicy, masculine flavour you'd expect from a Latin ballroom dancer to the routine. Malece held her own, but she was nowhere near as strong as Alan. She needed to sex it up a bit. Nico and Alexis, contemporary: The judges are right, Alexis really did give her all in this Sonya Tayeh routine about a woman who can't let go of her lover, but I was strangely unmoved by it. With Choreographer Anthony Morigerato The dancers get to pick their own style as one of their routines and of course Aaron picks Tap.

And I got the storyline without it having to be explained to me. And having to ACT out a story while doing it, while staying on beat, I mean I can barely walk and talk, let alone remotely do what they did! It really was remarkable.

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She just looks so classy. It was a nice change of pace having Tap when we see a lot of contemporary, etc. It was everything I thought it would be. How in the hell are the judges not standing up for this? These girls straight up killed it. These girls were sexy! They were hitting it hard and they totally looked the part. Also, I want Comforts gloves. It was hardcore and I felt like I was holding my breath in anticipation in some places. Amy was the standout. The judges agree that while Fik-Shun was not quite strong enough, Amy was sensation and equal to Jasmine.

aaron turner and jasmine harper dating

I always feel like she gives it her all. Is that supposed to make her feel good? I guess give me something shiny to look at like that dress! Gabby and Paula try to keep it light, but of course Nigel brings it down.

They both had chemistry, the dancing was just ok. How long do you think Amy was holding her leg like that until the song started? Her solo is pretty damn amazing I have to say.

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I adore the fact that it had a beginning and an end. I mean sure the song helped it. And sure the song reminds me of this amazing routinebut still you have to admit. The girl has it.

aaron turner and jasmine harper dating

Like whatever IT is. I am obsessed with the way she just throws her ALL into everything.

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I wrote it before Nigel said it, I swear! It was just so evenly matched. They are both electric, conveying this energy that makes us believe no one else could pull it off.